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Dec 20, 2022


The effective Date of Bid is Monday, Jan 9, 2022

Written Bids will be due on Monday, Dec 27th, 2022 by 0530.

Bidding will take place on Monday, Dec 27, 2022 through Scheduled Posted Times

Every employee must submit a PAPER BID in CC Office or Call in at the number provided below at your bid time! (NO EXCEPTIONS)

               Paper bids must contain the following:                                 

  • A full paper bid all selection choices (current process); contact phone number is optional                                        
  • A partial paper bid, some selection choices, with a contact phone number (YOU MAY BE CALLED)         
  • A bid sheet with your contact phone number, no selection choices (YOU WILL BE CALLED)

The bid room will call you at the number you provide on your bid form.  The bid will be available at www.local591.com(SW Region) allowing members to view the bid live on the website.  

NOTE:  The contact number that you provide on your bid sheet is the only number that will be called.

NOTE:  There are no walk-in bids allowed.

  1.  Bid sheets will be picked up from the Hangar bid box in Crew Chief office at 05:30 daily.                                                                

NOTE:   If you fail to submit a paper bid or do not provide a contact number, you will be bypassed until you call the bid room at (972) 425-5120

  1. If you elect to be contacted by the bid room to bid your slot, you will have a 5-minute time-slot to make your selection. After the 5-minuted is up, you will be bypassed for the next employee that is eligible for their 5-minutes. The bid will not be held up for an individual bid beyond their 5-minute time slot.
  2. The bid room will make 2 attempts to contact the employee within their 5-minute time-slot, leaving a voice message when available. Please leave your phone line open to receive calls in your 5-minute time-slot. If you call in late, you will bid after the current bidder on the clock makes their selection.
  3. Only call into the bid room at (972) 425-5120. Please do not call the bid room for anything other than for your bid. 
  4. You will not be allowed to bid if you are not on payroll at your bid time-slot unless you provide medical substantiation or other necessary documentation that will clear you for duty prior to the effective date of the new shift bid schedule.
  5. No one will be allowed to bid for another person. Any employee who becomes TD or work restricted due to injury, or illness may be reassigned according to your restrictions.
  6. Employees selecting bid jobs can be removed and placed in the general manning at any time due to operational needs. 
  7. Anyone who will be on vacation during the shift bid selection process is requested to submit their bid sheet in a bid box before leaving for vacation. Use the bid form in accordance with Number 1 above, or you will be bypassed.

  1. A13 time clock. Term D Line Stock will be required to clock in at any clock in Term D. Term C Stock will be required to clock in at Terminal C. This is for those employees who choose employee parking.  Each employee needs to get with a Supervisor or the Supply Staff Assistant prior to the bid starting to get a parking pass if needed.

Information about As Assigned positions

  1. As Assigned work assignments will be assigned by the Crew Chief per the contract.
  2. It is the responsibility of the Crew Chief for the efficient running of their crew as it pertains to work assignments and the daily routine work.

If you are new at DFW and have never participated in a Shift Bid before, please see a Local 591 Union Representative for directions and answers to any questions you may have.

TWU Local 591
1905 Stone Myers Parkway
Grapevine, TX 76051

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