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Local 591 Presidents Labor Day Letter
Sep 05, 2022

September 5, 2022


To the Local 591 Membership:

Happy Labor Day!

Labor Day is a day set aside to honor the contributions and achievements of workers.  For many years, It has felt as if the contributions and achievements of all airlines workers were often taken for granted by management and even many in the traveling public.  Yet it was this Membership, and airline workers in general, who showed up for work everyday of the pandemic.  As we are on the otherside of the pandemic, at least travel wise, the contributions and achievements of our Membership, and those on the front lines in the airline industry, have become lead news stories with the struggle to replace experienced workers, and the delays and cancellations that have occurred as a result.  Many of our Union Brothers and Sisters left because they were tired of working in an industry where management, for example, rewards such a dedicated workforce by unilaterally imposing a new draconian attendance policy in the middle of a pandemic.  Now, while that policy will hopefully be overturned by an Arbitrator later this month, it is decisions like these that continually remind us that everything we have in our contract is fought for, and we must not only defend it, but also continue to fight to make gains in it.


Defending and making gains in our contract starts with having a unified Membership Station by Station, Region by Region, across our country.  As has become Local 591’s tradition, and is a great unifying event, we are once again celebrating Labor Day as a Membership with food being served throughout our Stations by your Local 591 Representatives.  Labor Day is “OUR DAY,” and this year we get to celebrate the day with hundreds of new Local 591 Members.  To those Members hired since last Labor Day we welcome you to our Local’s Labor Day tradition.  It is important to also understand that the language in the contract that secured the jobs you now have was fought for by the Members you work with and why we also use this day to celebrate the accomplishments of our Local.  The best way for new Members to honor the contributions and achievements of your fellow Members in to get involved in your Local, wear your Union logo proudly, and go to union meetings.  You are the future of this Local and moving forward you will need to defend what this Membership has achieved, and also fight for additional gains with the next round of contract negotiations just two years away.  Labor Day each year stands as a reminder that each new generation of workers needs new leaders who are actively engaged in defending the gains already won and prepare for the future needs of the Membership.


I wish each of you a safe and Happy Labor Day!



Gary Schaible

President - TWU Local 591



TWU Local 591
1905 Stone Myers Parkway
Grapevine, TX 76051

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